Welcome to Rainbow Light,



May the information you find on these pages bring the colours of the Rainbow into your lives and help you create a Rainbow Bridge into the higher realms of love and truth, bringing joy, peace, balance and harmony into your body, mind and spirit.


Allow me to be a Guide to assist your journey, whether it be in one to one sessions or through my group workshops. I work with the highest truth and integrity for your highest good at all times.


Come and join me as we dance across the Rainbow Bridge.



I Am the Creator Light.


I Am the Light from the beginning of Time.


I hold the Rainbow Light of Magic and Mystery,


weaving them in and around you,


dancing lightly upon your soul,


making you balanced and whole.




Come with me now,


as I take you on a journey across the Rainbow Bridge


into a world of colour, magic and mystical delight,


weaving a new tapestry of vision and insight.




I am the Rainbow Lightweaver


and I weave the new tapestries of Light,


opening a world of magical beauty


that will make your soul take flight.




~ Pauline Hadley ~








Rainbow Light bathing our planet


Rainbow Light

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